Century Lofts is a condominium in Atlanta, Georgia at 505 Whitehall Street, SW. Century Lofts is on the edge of Castleberry Hill, a historic loft neighborhood.




Do not park in the driveway, or block the gate or dumpster.

Please park in the space(s) assigned to your loft.

Vehicles on property must have a current license plate, and appear to be operable (no flat tires, etc.).

The Condo Docs state "Boats, trailers, panel trucks, buses, hearses, trucks with a load capacity of one (1) ton or more, vans ... and vehicles with commercial writings on their exteriors are also prohibited from being parked on the Condominium".

Vehicles that do not meet the above are subject to immediate towing from the property.


In February 2024, the HOA board clarified the use of guest parking spaces. They stated:

"Board decision was that guest spaces were for occasional/overnight usage by periodic guests, not for ongoing extra spaces by owners or tenants. Cars routinely parking in these spaces will be towed."


If you think your vehicle was towed from Private Property, signs in the parking area indicate the towing service and contact information for them.

If you think your vehicle was towed from the street or sidewalk (Public Property), then this was likely done by the city of Atlanta. Contact info for tow services the city uses should be on this link. Century Lofts is in Zone 3.

Storing Items in Common Areas

The HOA board has approved this resolution concerning personal items in parking areas and common areas in the building.