Century Lofts is a condominium in Atlanta, Georgia at 505 Whitehall Street, SW. Century Lofts is on the edge of Castleberry Hill, a historic loft neighborhood.


Motor Company

The building was constructed in 1920 as the first Chevrolet dealership in Atlanta. Cars were delivered by rail to the loading dock, where they were moved into the building. The 1st floor was the showroom, the 2nd floor was used for offices, and the 3rd & 4th floors were used to store cars and parts. There were elevators that took cars & parts to the upper floors. The dealership closed in 1932 or 1933 because of the depression (reference - Robinson, John. Classic Chevrolet Dealerships: Selling the Bowtie, 2003, p. 120.).


In the years after, the building served as a warehouse to several businesses. In 1952, Atlas Supply Company opened as a plumbing, heating and air conditioning warehouse. From 1976-1979, Century Florist Supply of Atlanta, Inc. operated in the building, which gave the lofts their name.


Century Lofts
July 2000


Century Lofts Rendering

In 2000, the building was remodeled into lofts. There are 31 residential lofts on the 4 floors. During the build, a 5th floor bump out was added. This gave several of the lofts on the 4th floor a 5th floor bedroom and private deck area, as well as a common deck for the building. An elevator was added to the outside, allowing access to the roof. The original windows were replaced. The inside walls, plumbing and electrical service were removed and replaced with new construction.